Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here is something I notice people do not understand very often. They think there are a lot of Petivers! This is not right, and it makes me a little upset.

Every hamster is not a Petiver. Rats are not Petivers!!! I am the only Petiver, and I am just one hamster.

But! There are other Petivers, who are not just plain Petiver. They are not the same as me. They are:

Baby Petiver
Baby Petiver looks a lot like this:

Demon Petiver
Demon Petiver looks kind of like this, but a hamster, and with fangs:

I would put in a picture of me, but I look a little like Pokemon, and that is embarrassing!

There is also the Petiver Superhero Team, but I will write about them later!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Burrowing time!

It's been freezing out lately, and I think I will need to do some burrowing. Those shredded newspapers are looking better and better. Yes, they are not just teeth-products! No! They are also excellent bedding for burrowing.

Burrr is for burrowing!